October 4, 2009

sunday again

it's sunday, lazy sunday.

i had a wonderful day yesterday downtown. met up with mikie :) - he bought me a pumpkin spice latte, and i got my nose re-pierced, which makes me so excited because i've missed it! she did it with a really small super cute ring too, even better! we walked around downtown, looked in some really cute stores, and then had a few drinks. after that i met up with jordan and allan and we began our nuit blanche adventure. saw some crazy and weird artsy things, it was a fun night. went to johnny rockets for dinner (honestly my dream place, like oh my goddd). we walked around in a city that never sleeps.
after we were done nuit blanche, we watched some of game shows funniest moments on dvd, honestly the funniest thing EVER! and then we watched SNL at 2:30, it was so funny. ryan reynolds! was on it, and lady gaga - awesome performance.

i woke up today and then headed home. i was super tired so i had a nap, and read my book. just had some homemade mac&cheese compliments of lucy ross, and now i am snuggled in my bed listening to jack.

know what's awesome about this though? i don't have to work tomorrow! i have this whole week off. amazzzing.

tomorrow is also, GOSSIP GIRL. 5 reasons to be excited ;






i must admit i love chuck and nate pretty much equally though.
tomorrow i am also starting a new segment called
things to cheer you up because it's monday!


gay pride cupcakes are soooo love.


  1. My god, you found some ridiculously hot photos of Chuck Bass.
    I gotta say, I am way more of a fan of Chuck than Nate.

  2. yeah, he's such a babe! i like chuck better i guess, but nate is so ridiculously attractive!
    i don't like nate's new girl, but i am in love with blair & chuck together.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)