October 11, 2009

thanksgiving sunday.

happy thanksgiving!
to all the canadians, and to anyone else!
because today is our thanksgiving, and it was perrrfect.

my fam came over yesterday and we spent the day talking, laughing, catching up, eating, drinking..
it was just wonderful! & then we had a SLEEPOVVVER! my brothers, and my new (& only) SIS! slept over, we had so much fun. we stayed up and watched SNL. this morning we woke up pretty early, and had a big breaky - bacon, eggs, & fruit! later on we went to the flea market for a bit which was entertaining. & then i baked a batch of cupcakes, obvs.
after all that, we headed over to my aunts for thanksgiving dinner, and a game of intense and competitive family pictionary - hahahaha. (linds - oasis?)

i love my family so much. i have so much fun with them! i was especially happy to see my brothers and sister, because they are so amazinggg. i know linds has been reading my blog (which i think is so cute) so hey sis, you are the coolest :) love ya

some things that i am thankful for ;;

my brother and his new wife / my first ever sister lindsey. how adorable are they?

i'm happy that i am lucky enough to have a big breakfast, and a roof over my head, and good health - so many things that we take for granted on a regular basis

this is my brother dave, i love him so much. i'd honestly hang out with him every day if i could.

baby sophie. she just makes you want to giggle.

my everything. the most amazing woman in the world, my mom.

this boy. he is so perfect, he amazes me everyday. i love him very much.

cupcakes, for being so wonderful and making people happy. and my grandma & grandpa for being together for 62 years (that's why i made the cupcakes) i wish we could all love each other for that long. but in this day in age, it's un heard of. i'm so proud of them!

those are just some things from my thanksgiving this year. i am really am thankful for so much though! i have an amazing family, wonderful boyfriend, and the best friends ever. i am healthy, and happy to be alive. i am travelling and seeing the world like i want to do, i couldn't ask for anything more.

i'm thankful today, and every day, for everyone who makes my life what it is.


  1. Cute post, Julie! I love how appreciative you are of everything, it's refreshing!

  2. Aw this is the cutest post I've ever read :) What a beautiful family. xx


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