October 5, 2009

things to cheer you up because it's monday.

hey everyone!
happy monday:) or is it?

today is my first day of my new blog segment called
things to cheer you up because it's monday;

light a yummy candle
i don't know about you, but i absolutely love just relaxing and lighting a candle that smells just wonderful. i find it really relaxing and peaceful. it may just calm you down after a hard day of work, or remind you of a certain time of year just by the smell. really no harm done in lighting a yummy candle.

listen to the beach boys
the beach boys are honestly so awesome! if you've never really given them a good listen, then you should! it is honestly impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to their stuff, happy go lucky 60's pop = love.

have something to look forward to...
sometimes i get in a rut where it seems like the only things i have going are work, or things that keep my constantly busy as a bee. make plans with some old friends or people you haven't seen in a while. it's always nice to constantly have something to look forward to before i leave for my trip, i am going to make plans to go to the santa clause parade, the weekend i get back! :)

update your ipod
sometimes (even though i have SO many songs on my ipod) i just get kinda sick of the ones i have. go through your old cd's (as far back as hanson, BSB, or big shiny tunes (lolz) ) and upload some old cd's that you used to love, or specific songs you know will cheer you up, perhaps on a monday? also, go through your parents albums, you might be suprised how many good ones are in there!

eat your favourite fruit
not only are they satisfying, but they are good for you too! go out to a fruit market, or just to the grocery store, and pick up some of your favourite fruit. feel free to add some icecream or something sweet with it. after all, you deserve it!

spoil someone you love
there's nothing better than buying/or making something special for someone that you love! it could be just the smallest of things, and only take a few minutes to do - but knowing how much it means to someone is heart warming. tonight i will bake some chocolate chip cookies for my babe, he's had a long and busy couple days and i know that he'd loveeee some of his favourite cookies.

take a stroll down memory lane
go to google or youtube, and search for an old favourite movie, tv show, toy or commercial from when you were growing up. it's s fun to find old things from when you were a kid, makes you think of a fun memory or something else you used to love when you were a kid! :)


  1. i love new music!! :) good idea!

  2. ya me too, thanks! & thanks for actually commenting :)


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