November 19, 2009

christmas is in the air.

isn't it?
happy thursday loves :)
i'm feeling pretty good today. i had a good sleep last night - matter how hard i try i just can't sleep in, which is really for the best, why waste so much of the day sleeping when we should just be happy to be alive?
i'm currently listening to one of my christmas mix cd's, gearing up for the decorating of my room. i promise to post some pictures soon, i will...i will! and of course thailand pictures as i have promised. i'm still in the process of trying to get them all up on facebook. i'm also going to do a nice long photo post of pictures from my brother's wedding. i didn't post too many photo's from that night, and now i have all the photographers ones and i really want to share them with everyone, because they are so beautiful.
there's really not much i want for christmas, i am just so happy and grateful with everything in my life. i honestly just love showering everyone else with love around the holidays that that in itself it like a gift! i plan on sending out a lot of christmas cards to friends from all over the world, lots of homemade gifts, not to mention i am going to be baking up a storm! it's going to be like santa's workshop of baking over here. i have lots of fun ideas for cute christmasy things and i can't wait to get started on them.
because we all secretly have one, here is my christmas wish list :) ;;
a perfect, beautiful, christmasy snowglobe.

snow white on dvd! finally:)

canadian olympic mittens on strings. perfect!

am i a huge geek for wanting friends on dvd?

i love children's books. fancy nancy is my new favourite.

i would have so many tea parties if i had a cupcake teapot. oh please please santa!

they're everywhere. & i want one, a nice snowflakey one.

james franco, if possible..
well, off to go decorate! it's going to be the cutest christmasy room ever.
have a happy and wonderful thursday, okay?
& don't be shy! leave some love.


  1. Any suggestions for places to get inspired for cheap/creative homemade gifts? :)

  2. Christmas! Those mittens rock, by the way

  3. i love friends! and that camera. it's on my wish list too :)

  4. I want that camera too!
    (I tried hinting so hard last night to my boyfriend that I wanted it haha! so we'll see!)

  5. j.con - my house? haha! martha has good stuff on her website. and like any christmas magazine you buy is filled with ideas! you could buy one for like 4 bucks and get so many cute ideas!

    yes caitlin, aren't they cuteee?

    friends is sweet, and that camera is too.

    angie, i hope you gets the hint, hehe xo


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