November 24, 2009

christmas is love.

it's the most wonderful time of the year ♥
my 2009 christmas to-do list ;

go to the santa clause parade

skating at nathan phillips square or cedar arena

go on a tour of christmas lights in pickering

go look at the christmas window displays in toronto

send lots of christmas cards to friends all over the world

watch "white christmas" and "it's a wonderful life"

make lots of gifts for people

go to church on christmas

make an effort to go to every christmas party i'm invited to

volunteer somewhere over the holidays

spend a lot of time with friends and family

be extra nice and caring to every customer at work

give lots of eskimo kisses to my boy

make my own christmas ornaments

get candy cane hot chocolate from second cup

go see some kind of christmas concert or performance

learn how to make paper snowflakes that actually look good

make christmas mojito's

do one good deed every day until christmas

be really creative and innovative with gift wrap

try to have the best christmas party ever!

make a gingerbread house

have a christmas craft day

have a christmas baking day

have a christmas card party

have a christmas movie day

watch old christmas home movies

go toboganning

get a festive special

go see santa!

create the ultimate christmas playlist

make a christmas countdown!

give people baked goods as gifts!


  1. AWESOME list. I think I will make sure I do most of those things, too!

  2. aww cute list :) I MUST put my tree up soon!

  3. Love your christmas to do list!!! So cute!!

  4. Mmmm I love the festive special! Haha.

  5. caitlin- yes! they will make christmas the best ever.

    closet full of nothing - yesss, i feel like it's most special if it's not up like nov 1st. hahaha!

    thanks jacque <3333

    j.con - omg how good is it? i love swiss chalet!


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