November 29, 2009

the hangover.

last night was amazing.
i had so much fun, with so many good friends! they're the sweetest/cutest people ever.
the girls planned a "casino" themed party, a gear up to vegas, because all the boys are going to vegas in february for bachelor parties. they did such an awesome job, such a great night! but i was feeling a bit rough at the end of the night, hahaha. (& this morning)
after sleeping in (kinda), and also sleeping with my christmas lights on, and in my shirt from last night (hahaha) carly & i finally woke up and got something to eat. we watched the holiday, which is such a precious movie, i love it. had some tea, and watched garfield's christmas.
now i am just relaxing in my room. i love sundays :) - my mom should be home soon, we will probably finish decorating the house and watch a christmas movie. i work 11-8 tomorrow so i will sleep in a bit which will be nice. i'm going to workout on my lunch (finally)

hope everyone is having a good sunday, and had a fabuous weekend!
i may post more later :)

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  1. Sounds like a very lovely Sunday!! I love The Holiday too!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)