November 1, 2009

i miss blogging/you!!

hey sweethearts,

just a really quick update to say hi and that i am doing amazing!
i've been in thailand for 2 and a halfs weeks so far and have loved every minute of it. i'm currently on the island of "ko phi phi" (where the movie "the beach" with leonardo dicaprio was filmed) it's incredible, trip of a lifetime...

everyday i wake up to look at crystal blue water, mountains and sunshine.

i love life, a lot! me and pete are rocking thailand.

i miss blogging and all of you, when i get home i will post lots & lots, and will have to catch up on all of your blogs as i don't have much time on the net!

hope everyone is well, i will be home in....13 days!

ps - it's november aka christmas is cominggggggg


  1. JULIE! today marks a BIG DAY! 50 days till christmas!
    get home so we can share cheer.

  2. Oh, very lucky you:) I want to travel to thailand sometime, mabey next winter!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)