November 28, 2009

my little pony saturday.

happy saturday loves :)
i hope your day is filled with ponies, sparkles, cupcakes, smiles & giggles.

work was great yesterday, and i had a relaxing friday night (wow, am i getting old?)
today, i will spend the day cleaning, decorating and getting ready for tonight! we're having a potluck/drinking night! i'm getting together with friends i haven't seen in a few months, my usual crew, so it's been too long. i plan to drink a lot of vodka cranberries, & have an amazing night. i'm so excited.

so, if i haven't mentioned it already. i am getting so so so ready to move out, and to toronto. i am at my current job until the end of january, and then i am in a wedding that is in mexico feb 13-20th. - so after i want to be downtown within the next 2 months. march or april hopefully!
i'm such a toronto girl, and i want to be down there so bad. most of my friends live down there now, and there's just so much to do at all times, i love the city. also - i've always wanted to have my own place atleast once in my life, so i am hoping to find a cute one bedroom in the city.

also ; the other night pete found an amazing website for the PERFECT jobs for both of us. i want to work there so SO so bad. i just hope it's still available when i'm ready. because a) i cant start right away & b) i need a week off in february. so, i was so excited about this job, but a little upset that it's not the right time. although, i might just apply now, think happy thoughts, and just hope for the best that it all works out.

2010 is going to be my year! heck, every year is my year. i couldn't be happier about what i've accomplished and done in my life so far, it can only get better from here!

i hope you all have a perfect weekend.

awwww, how adorable. a christmas cupcake! this is just precious eh?


  1. AH! My Little Ponies! :) I love them. I hope you have a great time tonight at your potluck. <333

  2. Have fun at your potluck!!! Oh! and I love the Christmas cupcake!

  3. That cupcake is the cutes thing.xx

  4. What's the job website? My boy and I are planning to move there in the summer :)

  5. Love My Little Ponies!! Yay!! Good luck with your new job pursuits!! Everything will turn out amazing!! Lovely little christmas cupcake! Yummy!


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