November 17, 2009

november 17th.

there's a million ways to say i miss you...

november 17th is my dad's birthday. every year i celebrate it without him, and spend the day missing everything about him. i think about him every day, but it's the holidays and special days that really get to me. i'm currently making some cupcakes in his honour, because i know how much he would love it if i made them for him. who ever said it gets easier wasn't someone who had their dad taken away from them at an unfair time, and one that was way too early. 7 and a half years without him and i still think about him every single day of my life, and wish so badly that he could still be here with me, and everyone.
i am who i am today because of my dad, and for that i cannot thank him enough. he tought me to do what i want, and not care what anyone else thinks. he inspired me to be a free spirit, and always have a positive attitude. he helped me realize that the beatles and the rolling stones are the coolest bands in the world. he taught me that tattoo's are totally acceptable and well liked in this family. he taught me that it's okay to eat pancakes for dinner. he gave me all the christmas spirit in the world. he taught me to live my life, and to travel and to never look back. he taught me to love my family and friends more than anything. he taught me to laugh, really really loud. he taught me to smile that huge smile that he always had on his face no matter what. he taught me to be happy to be me.
for these things & so so so many others dad, thank you.
i love you and miss you with my whole heart.
happy birthday in heaven.


  1. your posts about your dad always make me cry. i can't even pretend to know what this is like. all i can say is that i'm sure he'd be proud to say that THE julie ross is his daughter :)

  2. aw..
    that's so sweet meagan. thanks for commenting on this's nice for someone to acknowledge what i write about him, it means a lot.
    you're so sweet.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)