November 18, 2009

so it's wednesday.

this website is very very very cute.

i've still been feeling a bit under the weather. has anyone experienced jet leg before? like, anyone travelled a really really far distance? we've had a mean case of it so far. i just feel so weak. it's really quite bad.

yesterday was a good day. i woke up around 7:30 (i just can't sleep in no matter how hard i try) i baked some cupcakes in honour of my dad's birthday, cleaned up a little around the house and then headed to my grandpa and grandma's for lunch. it was wonderful as usual, they are so cute! i talked with them for a few hours about my trip and they were so interested. i popped into my work but everyone was in a meeting so that was a bummer. i headed to the mall for a bit, just to see if anything had changed while i was gone! a couple new stores here and there but it was just nice to see what was there and look at all the christmasy stuff. i saw santa and he was just sitting there all alone, it actually made me kinda sad.

after my mom was done work, her and i went and bought some white roses and brought them to my dad's grave. i spent the night relaxing and watching the leaf game.

i baked more cupcakes today because i got a last minute order for tomorrow. mmm, butter pecan ones smell so delightful.
also, yesterday at the library i rented 5 movies!

  1. ghost world (never seen it but watched it today!)
  2. empire records (loveloveLOVE that movie, also watched it today)
  3. high fidelity (never seen it, but always wanted to)
  4. house bunny (i heard it was funny...haha)
  5. office space (everyone talks about it and i've never seen the whole thing
i hope i am feeling a bit better later. i want to decorate my room for christmas...and we all know something must be wrong with me if i am not feeling up to that

cupcake of the day ♥
it's frosty and his lady! how cuuuuute is that?


  1. jet.lag. it does get better.
    sometimes it can take more then a week.
    i found forcing myself to just get back into regular routines and things got me back to normal. so hopefully you and pete can get back to normal soon!

    nice movie selection!!!!!!!
    i havent seen house bunny but the rest = awesome!

  2. i was in europe for two months, and i had awwwwful jet lag (and it didn't help that i was awake for 30ish hours the day we came home). it's not nearly as far as thailand, but it took me at least a week to get back into the swing of things because i was just so tired all the time. i just slept whenever i felt the need to though, i think that's really the only thing you can do.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)