November 21, 2009

stoked on life.

i'm SOsoSo excited about today! i will keep this short because i have lots to do! i want to finish cleaning, and try to get some of our christmas decorations up before baby katiekins arrive.
eeeep! i'm so happy.
i've got a cupcake order to do today! my travel agent ordered some off of me! how cute is that? i brought her a cupcake to thank her for everything a while ago and she just ordered 12 pretty pink cupcakes off of me. can't wait to make them all fancy :)
also, here are the pictures of the birthday cupcakes i made in honour of my daddy's birthday.
cutest <3

here's a preview picture for my thailand post :)

hope your day is filled with laughs & smiles :)!!

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  1. those cupcakes look delicious.
    i havent know you for long and never met your dad, but i am sure he would have loved them.


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