November 24, 2009

toronto date today.

okay, so i didn't do my christmas post. but it is coming soon (perhaps tonight?)
i had an amazing weekend/monday & i will post about it tonight.

today i am going to the dentist (i'm scared) and then i am going downtown to see my boy ♥ - i haven't seen him in over a week so i'm excited. we're going to walk around downtown, and create some christmas wish lists. & then we are going for dinner with pete's dad :)

today is my last day of freedom! i go back to work tomorrow, but i am actually really really excited about it. not only do i need money, but i really do love my work and i miss everyone, annnd i need to get back into a routine & go back to the gym.
more laterrrrr <3


  1. reminds me, i need a dentist visit BAD!

  2. i was in urban outfitters today and saw cupcake band-aids and thought of you and your blog! it's my first comment here... but i love your blog! : )

  3. eeeek, chelsea..i always put it off! i'm the worst, haha

    hi jackiek! awww, i saw those there too. they're cute! they have lots of cupcake stuff at UO! thank you SOOO much xo


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)