November 25, 2009

workin' 9-5 (kinda)

"i will honor christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year".   charles dickens

so, my weekend was wonderful. got to spend a lot of time with my bestie's. 
sunday was my friend stef's wedding shower, it was so cute & fun and nice to see everyone. monday i went downtown and got my bangs cut by fab (love him) and then met up with peter, jordan, and mikie. we made a yummy dinner & giggled and watched lady gaga video's. obvs.
yesterday after going to the dentist (it actually went really well!) i met up with my man and we walked around toronto for a few hours, then met his family for dinner. it was very lovely.
i was back to work today! i loved it. it wasn't very busy, but registration starts tomorrow so it will be getting a lot busier. it was nice to get back and settled and see everyone! i missed them all. everyone is so nice & so many customers/members were complimenting my tan/outfit.. so so nice.
ooh! ooh! i forgot to mention - when my travel agent came and picked up the cupcakes she ordered, she was like "so, i was in niagra falls yesterday and i just had to get this for you" and it was a cupcake apron! it's SOOOOO adorable. omg, i just couldn't believe that, it was the nicest thing ever. it's so nice & refreshing when people do such caring things for other people.
ooh, also; i just wanted to say hiiii to all my new friends/followers! thanks for reading my blog :) i love making friends. comment & tell me something about you. 
today i starting making lots of lists, haha..i know! i am obsessed. but i was making my christmas card list. does anyone want a christmas card?

i work 7:30-4:30 tomorrow (ahh, long day) but i am excited because tomorrow night we are putting up all our christmas decorations in our house! it's the most chrismasy house ever. & we'll probably go out and get our tree next weekend. (obviously a real one..)


how cool is this? so cute. granny smith apples are my fave.


  1. I really love how christmacy your blog is right now!! I am sooo ready for Christmas! I have had a few Scrooges tell me it's too early to look forward to the holidays, but I say bah humbug to them!! Love the charles dickens quote!! I'm big on making lists too! I started a christmas to-do list inspired by your last post!! Those granny smith apple cupcakes are adorable!!

  2. I just wanted to say Hey I just found your blog it is too cute!

    Have a great time decorating!


  3. jacque <3 - thank you! i am little miss christmas.. i love it soooo much! i hate when people say that, they are just jealous of all of our christmas spirit! hehehe. awww i am honoured to inspire your list, xo

    carrie - hihihi!!! thank you so much, i just checked out yours, love it!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)