December 2, 2009


i am SO happy.
look what i just won;;

did you just melt over the cuteness?
yeyeyeyeyeye :)
this wonderful, awesome cute & FANCY lady picked me to win this contest
she's so cute & makes the best cupcakes, check her out.
thank you SOOO much fancy lady.

i am honestly going to wear this every day!
i will post pics as soon as i get it :)

also, i just want to thank carly & rosie, for entering to win it for me,
you two are as sweet as cuppycakes.
i'm so happyyyyyyyy!

i hope everyone had a great day.
things that made me smile a lot today
1) winning the cupcake scarf!
2) fixing the christmas trees at work
3) talking to my boy
4) a lady came up to me at work today & said "you look beautiful" in the nicest, most sincere voice ever, it was so sweet.
4) my grandpa seems to be doing a bit better :)
5) we're getting the rest of the house decorated for christmas!

eeep, i have some new followers, which makes me smile!
hi guys! you're cute


  1. aww congrats! that scarf is so cute--you'll look great with it on!

  2. thanks chelsey!!! i am so excited. i'm like....myself on christmas morning (hehehe)


  3. i can't believe you won this!! well, of course i can. you are the cupcake princess!! i'm so happy for you...and i hoped i helped a little in you winning it. you totally deserve to win this and yes, you TOTALLY will wear it every single day. i am sooooo stoked, for you!!!! :D yay!!

  4. carlyyyyy - you totally played a huge part in the win! thank you so much, i will think of you when i wear it. hehehe. i can't wait to get it!

    & thanks jennifer, isn't it the cuuuutest! xo


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