December 29, 2009


hey friends :)
i've had a good couple of days.
i haven't really gone into my post-christmas depression yet, so that's a plus.
okay, not actually...but i love christmas so much that i do get really sad when it's over. thank goodness it comes every year, and quite quickly these days.
i must admit, i am excited for a new year, as are most people from what i've been reading.
 i will do a post all about my resolutions ; although i don't really like to call them that - instead, i will call them "goals/inspirations for 2010"
i had a good time with pete & his fam. 
on the 27th we went shopping in toronto & i got lots of goodies -
i had a 50$ urban outfitters gift card from pete and i bought so much stuff there for only $47 - they have such good sales after christmas. i gottttt ;
2 super adorable dresses
a really cute t-shirt
a mini teal coloured christmas tree
mini adorable coloured bulbs
& old school coloured string lights.
i also got a new hair straightener, since mine broke back in november. it is amazzzzing so far.
hmv had some good sales! i got friends season 2 (i've got season 1, 2 & 4 now) the new michael buble cd on sale for $10 (i know, i'm a dork) & the great gatsby for $5
on boxing day night we watched zombie land, which i must say was amazzzzzzing!
you should watch it. jesse eisenberg is hilarious and adorable & so is emma stone. and there is the greatest cameo of all time in it :)

when looking for a movie to watch the other night, i went looking through pete's movies because he has lots that i've never seen. well i came across one of his mom's, and it's one i have wanted to see forever and such a classic which reminds me of my dear friend carly because i know she loves it!
when harry met sally
it was so adorable. i am glad i finally saw it!

well since i have today off again (hooray!)
i am going with my bff to a florist to look at wedding flowers ♥,
to drop some peaches off to my grandpa (he's lovin' them right now)
&& more boxing week shopping!

more later!
i still need to boast about how spoiled i was this christmas & some christmas pics.
enjoy your tuesday kiddo's

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