December 6, 2009

i am so giggly, and happy!

heyyyy everyone!
i am so happy right now. last night, while i was working on my christmas cards and christmas snail mail, and watching the leaf game - the doorbell rang, it was around 8:30 and i wasn't expecting anyone, but i got up to answer the door, and standing there all cute and bundled up was my boyfrienddddd! & he was holding 2 bundles of christmas flowers, one for me and one for my mom. cutest boy ever. he came to suprise me!!! i'm so happy he's here :)

we watched a bit of the leaf game (man do they suck) and thennnn...we ordered swiss chalet! (unfortunately not the festive special because we're cheap hahaha) but i am re-naming in the festive special, because i don't like cranberry sauce or stuffing.

after our yummy meal, we had a bit of time before watching SNL (which was disappointing) so we watched smurf's christmas! it was cute. we're going to get through my 3 dvd's of all christmas specials! (my idea, obvs)

i also had some delicious baileys, which is one of my favourite holiday drinks!
pete & i are going to drink some more tonight as we watch christmas movies :)

also ;;

this morning td canada trust called for me, and i didn't know why - so i called back..only to find out that someone was trying to steal money from my account. my card got compromised and they were trying to withdrawl at 7:30am but couldn't figure out my pin number. how dare they? such meanies. well the good news is, is that they didn't figure out my pin or steal any money, and the bad news is, i had no money to begin with, hahaha.. so tomorrow on my lunch i have to go to td to get a new card. there's too many horrible people in this world.

my mom and blair are taking my grandpa to sunnybrook hospital today. things are not getting better, and he's really confused about whats happening and keeps saying he wants to go home, when he already is home. i am saying my prayers and thinking about him. i can't relax with knowing what he is going through right now. it's never a pleasant thing, watching someone you love so much go through something.

petey just made me some tea, and we are watching soccer. (this is how it works, i blog on sunday mornings while he watches soccer, and i only pay attention when my brother is on!)

today is going to be so relaxing. i want to watch lots of christmas movies and clean up my house for my mom. if she makes it home in time for dinner then we're going to have dinner ready and waiting for her. i just want to hug her, she's going through so much and she's so worried. 

we were supposed to get our christmas tree today, but with everything going on we're not. so depending on how things go, pete and i might go get one and have it ready.

julie and pete save christmas!

happy sunday cuties!


  1. awww yay!! i love that pete came to surprise you and with christmas flowers at that...what a sweet boy! that is sooo awesome!

    sunday mornings we do the same (when mikey is not working) he will either sleep...which he usually does or play video games as we drink tea/coffee and i catch up on blogs. today is also laundry day for us...better get a move on! enjoy your christmasy day

    i'm sending positive thoughts your way for grandpa! ♥

  2. awww thats so cute! saturday nights/sunday mornings are my favorite :)

    sending love to your grandpa and your family. <3

  3. What a sweet boy... you are a lucky lady! And of course he is lucky to have a girl like you. What a precious couple you are!

    I'll keep your family in my thoughts. Sending mad positive vibes! <3

    Enjoy your day!

  4. what a sweetie! The Smurfs christmas I had no idea!?!

    Baileys yummy

  5. What a sweet, darling boy! You are adorable too, btw. I love your posts!

    I'm sorry about your card, but I'm glad they caught him! YUCK!

    And prayers for your Grandpa. And hugs!


  6. Aww flowers? Surprise flowers?? And for your mom too??? Sounds like a keeper!

  7. Aww, how cute what that!!

    I haven't seen the smurfs Christmas in ages!! I think I need a copy of your christmas specials dvd! haha

  8. tons of prayers for your grandpa--everything will be alright!

    and how super super sweet of your boy to come and surprise you. i love that!


    just sayin'



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