December 5, 2009

i am tiredddd.

i'm in loveeee.
i have to wait another week to see pete.
it sucks, but i will survive, i guesssss.
how cute is this photo?
it's us at my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner.
i love it

i am so exhausted today. work was good yesterday, i love everyone i work with, they're sweet.
after work my mom and i went to my grandpa and grandma's and i said i would stay with him to give my mom and grandma a break. i got there at 4:30, and didn't leave until midnight. i sat in a rocking chair next to him, and held his hand, and made sure he drank lots of water and helped him with everything he needed. he seems okay at times and then at other times he really scares me. i am so worried about him, and hope so badly that something will make him better.
i obviously didn't make it downtown to my friend's party, which i was disappointed about but family with forever and always come first in my life. i hope eric had an awesome birthday/halloween themed party.
i didn't get home until late last night, i visited with my aunt & uncle, they slept over and visited because they are going to BC for christmas. we all played wii fit this morning & then went out for breakfast. i fell asleep for a bit this afternoon while watching fraggle rock, but now i am up and at em, because i have lots to do! it's 20 days until christmas...
& one week until my annual christmas bash!
even though i am little miss christmas, i must just doesn't feel like christmas yet. i just want some snow (& mistletoeeeee) & i think once we get our tree up that will help too. also, i don't get my first pay cheque (since i've been back) until next friday so i haven't done much christmas shopping - i really need to get going on that, although i did some in thailand as well.
okay, instead of blabbing i gotta go and do something productive, what christmas movie should i watch tonight?! hope everyone is having a happy saturday.

ps ; omg i NEED to do my thailand post. i decided i will do it in parts, part one is coming in the next few days. promise...


  1. Aw what a cute post!! I thought it was so cute that you fell asleep watching Fraggle Rock! I love that show! I watched Christmas movies all day! Have you ever seen A Muppet's Christmas Carol? I think that is my favorite Christmas movie. You should watch that if you haven't seen it!!

  2. love all the pictures! I hope you get some good rest!

  3. *jacque - hehehe i love fraggle rock. we just got all these new channels with all old cartoons, and i love it! i LOVE muppet's christmas carol, i have it on dvd... good idea! i might watch it today xo

    thanks carrie!! xo <3333


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