December 29, 2009

luckiest girl ever.

so, i've mentioned many times of how spoiled i was this christmas...
not just with gifts, but getting to spend lots of time with my amazing family, friends, boyfriend & co-workers. i am so thankful for another amazing year & holiday season
i got sooo many goodies this year.
first off, my man spoiled me wayyy too much ♥
* a kings of leon tank that i wanted from thailand that he secretly went out & got
* new john mayer cd
* la roux cd
* life of john lennon book
*  an amazingly adorable necklace from etsy (yes, my boyfriend ordered from etsy,perfect?)
* 20$ forever 21 gift card (i neverrr get gift cards & have always wanted to get them!)
* 2 burned cd's of albums i wanted
- best of bob marley
- pretty purple bangles
- ben harper
(& inside those when i opened them later ; 
$50 gift cards from urban outfitters & american apparel)
- tickets to jersey boys!!!

& i also got spoiled by pete's family, getting this ;
cupcake a day calender for 2010, cake stand, mini hello kitty calender, bracelet from india a bag of matching nik naks (pen, mirror,notebook etc),  giant cupcake mug, assorted hot chocolates, apron <3

one of my coolest gifts this year was from my mom!
i asked for a polaroid and my mom had a tough time finding one - but instead she found me something even more amazing and perrrfect for me ; and instant printer!
it's this tiny electic blue printer, and all you do it plug it into the wall, stick your memory card in, and you can print photo's just like that! it's so easy to use and so cute! you can buy the photo paper and ink together in a pack for $40 and it gives you 108 prints which is a lot since i will probably only do a couple at a time! i've tested out a few times already & the photo's come out incredible. it's so perfect for me, i am beyond stokeddd!
this is what it looks like;

sidney crosby ornament, stitch it kit, new winter coat, olympic mittens, season 1, 2 & 4 of friends, an adorable cupcake picture frame, lady gaga cd, 500 days of summer, the hangover, jason mraz live cd/dvd, book, picture frame with 3 photo's from my brother and lindsey's wedding, 2 cupcake cook books!, icing bags, wine charms, photo album, ceramic cupcake for trinkets, cupcake pj's, cupcake courier (carries 36 cupcakes!), cupcake bowls, cash. & so much more. also my mom is helping me by paying for some of my mexico trip which is beyond generous. i am sure i forgot some stuff, it's insane how spoiled i am!


today i woke up early & headed to the florist with my bff, we looked at some different arrangements for her wedding (so excited!) then we went boxing week shopping, out for lunch and to visit my grandpa & grandma, and bring grandpa peaches as they are his new favourite things in the world. he's doing so good. i'm so happy!
i got a new 2010 planner, thank goodness! it's perfect & polka dotted.
now, time to get organized -
even though the world juniors canada game is on, and i wish i was watching .. i have lots to do and get organized and am working on that during this blog break. listening to bob marley, what an amazing man.


  1. some cute stuff you got there miss. you really are spoiled silly :) then again, you are probably the easiest and funnest person to buy gifts for, so maybe that's why! haha. what did you get pete? you made him something too right? share that stuff too!!

    also...since i got a camera for christmas (that was going to be my gift to myself after christmas) next on my list was one of those cool that you got one! i've been wondering how much the ink and stuff was for them and that's really not bad at all, $40 for a cartridge and paper? i may just have to buy the same one. would it be awkward asking your mum how much she paid for it/where she got it? i neeeeed one! haha. it would be super convenient instead of having to go get photos developed & great for scrapbooking!

    side note: if you want to treat yourself...i bought my fuji instax polaroid mini online for $200 and it came with 100 photos + the camera itself, it was a really good deal and they aren't that expensive! ebay...i can give you more details another time if you'd like them

  2. OMG you got a lot of stuff! You are really spoiled. And what Carly said was right, you are probably the easiest person to buy something for.

    So you enjoyed Xmas, lets hope you enjoys new years.

    Happy New Year x


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