December 18, 2009

okay, so i had every intention of starting my thailand post today - but a lot of my pictures are on usb sticks now, and i have over a 1000 so it's not an easy task - finding and organizing, and choosing which ones to post, and since i am so busy with christmas and all sorts of other things right now, i want to wait until after christmas when i actually have the time to spend on it, instead of doing a half-assed post. deal? (carly, is that ok?) haha

right now i am watching love actually
i plan on watching a number of christmas movies today - as i have been saving them for this weekend while i do christmas crafting, baking & wrappppppping!
i can't believe today is one week until christmas,
i am very excited, but also quite sad - i don't want it to be over.

tonight is my secret santa with my friends - there's about 20 of us doing it, it will be so fun.. i have to wrap my secret santa's gift all pretty today. we are also doing a pot luck! i can't wait to see everyone. & drink some yummy wine, and have lots of laugh with my besties.

in the mean time, i am going to post a few photo's from my christmas party ;;


  1. Aww it looks soooo fun!! :)

    i love your bangs ps - very cute!

  2. what a fun time! Love the pictures

  3. How cute!! Looks like so much fun and super yummy goodies!!


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