December 7, 2009

one down, four to go.

hello monday!
hope everyone survived their monday okay. i am just glad it's over :)
i had a great weekend. it was so wonderful to see my man, i am so thankful he came here & suprised me. we got to spend so much time together (even though he is already gone, hmphhh)
sunday was very lazy & very perfect.
we slept in a bit and did a lot of snuggling <3
we watched elf and charlie brown's christmas!
& then made lunch, and rented funny people.
it was okay, but i knew it was supposed to be kinda serious..
we also played our own little game, and each made a christmas cocktail!
i made a yummy christmas suprise - with milk, baileys, godiva chocolate liquer, and some cinnamon on top, mmm!
& petey made me a cocktail from our little recipe book from the lcbo..
champaigne, lemon juice, gin & cherries.
mmm! it was lots of fun.
also ; not only did pete bring me flowers, but also some SUPER CUTE heart ornaments!
oh, how i love him & life.
so, my mom spent all day yesterday at the hospital with my grampy, and we found out that a week ago, he had a stroke..which is why he has been so confused, and hallucinating etc. they are going to keep him in the hospital for 2 weeks, which is a good thing, so they can make him better - so thanks to everyone for your kind words, prayers & thoughts.
i bought him a mini christmas tree today that i am going to bring him on wednesday.

here are some photo's from the last week or so ;;

me with the heart ornament pete got me :)
pete ; "don't post this on your blog babe" hahaha!
one of our christmas countdowns at the ross household.
my yummy christmasy drink i made!
merry christmas, charlie brown!
my christmas flowers from my sugarplum
me @ work - in an olympic bob sleigh!
pete's yummy drink! <3where the magic happened. we have so much to celebrate.
you guys are sweet,
i like you!


  1. i love the picture of pete--hilarious!!!

  2. I love the ornament how cute and those drinks sound delish!

  3. That ornament is huge! How cute of him to bring you that.

  4. oo that is such a cute heart ornament!


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