December 16, 2009

so i have today off - hooray!!!
buttt, i have lots to do!
i am heading downtown toronto at 11 & then going to the dentist,
and then going to shop in the city (besssst ever)
pete and i are meeting up for dinner and then going to the leaf game!
i am soooo excited, i effing love hockey, especially the leafs & i've never been to a game with pete yet, it's going to be wonderful!

& tomorrow is exciting becauseeeeee...
the olympic torch is coming through my city and passing by my work!
so we're all going in early, in our canadian gear.
how exciting!

& to add a little christmas to this post;;
this is from the nutcracker on sunday ♥
lovely, eh?


  1. How exciting that the Olympic flame is going past your work. Please get a little flag to wave; i love those!!!

    The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets. Now I feel all Christmassy :)


  2. I love the nutcracker! Have a fun day :)


    ♥ your tree

  3. the nutcracker picture is so pretty. i love all of those colors and costumes.

    oh, and i love your tree!

    have fun at the hockey game!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)