December 18, 2009

today is gonna be a good day.

i am off today - but i woke up at 8:30 to go into work because ; today was western day!
we brought in all the ingredients to make toasted westerns for everyone at work, and the whole reason we made them was to do something nice for our mail man! he's so awesome, and he comes in every day to get our mail and he is SOOO nice, so we wanted to do something special for him for christmas. he arrived just after 10, and we invited him into our little area at work for a cup of coffee and a toasted western, i also gave him a cupcake and a christmas card. i really really think we made his way, he was so suprised and happy. i feel so great just knowing that we made someones day a happy one, i love everyone i work with so much, it's so fun!

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  1. aw that's so sweet!! I've never had a toasted western but it sounds really tasty!!


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