December 9, 2009

wednesday, is half way!
another good day at work.
the best part of the day was definitely when i woke up and saw snow on the ground & falling from the sky! too bad it only lasted until about 10am until it turned into yucky rainy slushy stuff. ugh such a bummer. i want snow!!!
i walked home from work today, it took me 50 minutes! but i really needed the exercise. i have been slacking so much lately, i am really disappointed in myself.
i think after christmas i am going to join a "personal best" workout program at my work, it helps me push myself, and it's run by some of my buddies and they are awesome!
i didn't get to go see grampy today because my mom went earlier, so tomorrow after work we are going to go visit him. he's doing a lot better! i even talked to him on the phone today, aw and get this, my mom said when i said i love you to him on the phone, he cried.
it made me sad, but he's so emotional - look how cute he is ;;
this is my grandma on his 87th birthday! he LOVES my cupcakes :)

since i am baking lots this saturday, i am going to wrap up a christmasy cupcake to bring to my grampy! & i also get to see him tomorrow after work.

things to look forward to!;
  • christmas pot luck @ work tomorrow!
  • visiting grandpa :)
  • decorating our tree!!!
  • seeing pete friday // baking, shopping
  • making a gingerbread house
  • baking ALL day on saturday
  • my christmas party ; "snow ball" saturday night
  • going to see the nutcracker downtown on sunday, with my mom, blair & pete
  • christmas shopping on monday with my bff
okay, those are just a FEW things.

&& my number one thing to do as far as blogging goes ;
my thailand post(s)!



  1. I have been a slacker too this month I really need some motivation :)! Good luck on your list!

  2. Your grandpa is so cute!! I think that's so sweet that he loves your cupcakes too! I always try to spoil my Grandfather with sweets, but he has a pretty strict diet. I can't wait for your Thailand post!! I've been a bad slacker this month with my working out too! Gotta start working out more!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)