December 14, 2009

what a weekend :)

monday, mondayyy...
hi pals ♥
how was your weekend?
wonderful i hope.
i had such a wonderful weekend - really really busy, but wonderful for sure.
i worked all night friday and all day saturday to prep for my party, it was really hard work but i think it paid off - everyone seemed to have a really good time and i had SOOO many goodies ; to mention a few ; jello shooters, chocolate mint cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, muddie buddies, peanut brittle, candycane kisses, junior mints, kernels popcorn, snow balls, shortbread, candy shish-ka-bobs, rice krispy squares,nacho dip, peppermint shots etc etc..
it would be impossible for all that food to be gone, so towards the end of the night i started filling up treat bags so everyone could take one home, filled with christmas treats!
we went to bed close to 4am on saturday night, and woke up at 9am on sunday! i had lots of cleaning to do, and after a bacon and eggs breakfast we headed downtown.
we went to see the nutcracker! i have never been before, and blair's daughter kassidy was in it, so that was awesome. it was soooo lovely - made my heart beat fast.
i loved the music, and all the costumes, lovely.
after the ballet we went out for dinner, and then pete and i went to the eaton centre for a quick power shop, mostly at indigo. after another long day, we came home, had some baileys and watched christmas vacation and snuggled - what a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.
now that my party is over, i feel so relieved, now i need to do some serious christmas shopping! although in the last few days, i finished for my brothers and my sis - yeyeye.
when i got home from work, i saw saw a packageeee,
and can you guess what it was?
so, i obvs did a little photoshoot for you all to see :)

cupcake of the day ♥
this is soooo adorable, i want oneeee please.


  1. SO CUTE!! I love your cupcake scarf! I think that busting into a photoshoot is quite necessary when cute things happen like the arrival of a cupcake scarf!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! The mention of all of your christmas party goodies made me hungry!! Cute post!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)