January 7, 2010


just baked 48 cute-as-can-be cupcakes!
it's one of my co-workers birthday so i am bringing them to work tomorrow.

today was my 4th day in a row hitting the gym!
i am so proud of myself.
i am definitely getting back into the swing of things, and i am feeling great.

this weekend will be fun!
tomorrow night i am going to the bar for my friends birthday, and saturday me and my girlfriends are going up to kingston for my friends daughters 2nd birthday, it will be so cuteeee!  also they live right on the water, and the lake is frozen, so i can FINALLY go ice skating:) i've been waiting all winter for this.

tomorrow is friday guys,

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  1. just bought you something today!
    hope you don't have it :)


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