January 26, 2010

gloomy tuesday

it's tuesday!
& i need your help!
so, as you may of heard me mention i am done work for the next little while, and it's very important to me to keep my body and mind busy!
i don't want to get into a routine of just doing nothing (which if you knew me, is pretty much impossible) i do have a list of things that i plan on accomplishing on my time off,
but i want you guys (since you're the sweetest) to help:)
so, here's the deal
please suggest to me some of your favourite things!
tv sHows!;

cupcake of the day ♥
omggg. i need this. seriously.


  1. I just read the most amazing book called Learning to Breathe by Alison Wright. It is about her recovery from an almost fatal road accident in Laos. You should read it! And one of my favourite books of all time is Behind the Scenes of the Museum by Kate Atkinson which is about a girl and all the females in her family. As for crafts I'm currently trying to work out how to make cool jewelry from beer bottle caps ;-)

  2. what a cute shirt--you totally need it!

  3. omgosh. i was browing "color" last night and stumbled upon cookie monster cupcakes! you should totally make some! :]

  4. hey a good blog is themanhunt2010.blogspot.com. it just started but definately needs some female support
    oh and have an excelent recipe for the most amazing chocolate fudge cake.

  5. if you ever need something to do in terms of crafts or baking, www.marthastewart.com! i hit her up almost everrrry day.

  6. Book: Fall on your knees
    Movies: Wayne World (I know you have probably seen it but c'mon can you ever really get enough)
    TV shows: 24 baby
    crafts: can;t help yea
    blogs: mine biggercitysmallerkatie.blogspot.com
    hobbies: go see an independent fashion show
    exercises: go for a good lane swim
    recipes: I can't cook
    games: mancala

    Long time no see Julie Ross. I hope you are well!

  7. book-Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
    movie-Weekend at Bernies 1 & 2...sooo silly!!! Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Darjeeling Limited.
    tv show-Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, The Big Bang Theory
    crafts-something from the Sofites book by Therese Laskey. I just made a simpler version of the whale and it is super cute and fun to do!!
    blogs-http://www.ourcitylights.org/ and http://decor8blog.com/
    hobbies-take a picture everyday!! and then you can post it on your blog!
    exercise-the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred dvd...sooo intense, but in a good way!! Or dance around in your room or skip instead of walking!!!

    I hope I was of some help!!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)