January 15, 2010

POST 301

i love life today, & always!

things to look forward to in the near future ;;
♥ going to port tonight for drinks with friends
♥ going to see my boy tomorrow & going to the bar for his friend's birthday
♥ jordan's pot luck//golden globe party on sunday!
♥ dinner in toronto/jordan's comedy show on tuesday
(& maybe hanging out with some ship friends)
♥ bridesmaid dress shopping on wednesday!
♥ dinner & jersey boys next thursday
♥ board games night with my co-workers next friday
♥ mikie date next saturday (maybe going to a cupcake shop!)
♥ stef's bachelorette in toronto
♥ going to london to visit pete's little cousins

& a couple other things here and there.
i am one busy girl, and i loveee it.

hope you guys are keeping busy and having fun...
if not, make some plans for the near future so you have something to look forward to - thats the best feeling ever!


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