February 25, 2010

fuck yes!

last night was amazing!
canada dominated russia. they played better than ever against one of the best teams in the tournament. me and some of my friends got together to watch it & we loved every minute of it.
our celebrations after the goals were the best!
i'm SO happy right now.
canada has to beat slovakia tomorrow night
& then -
GOLD medal game baby!

in other news -
i can't believe how busy i've been lately. it doesn't even feel like i'm off work, i always have something on the go!
* today i'm going to toronto, get my bangs done by my fab & hang with sarah
* tomorrow going to get bridesmaid dresses for carly's wedding & girls dinner
& then THE HOCKEY GAME + pete's coming over
* saturday = jeff & stef's wedding !!!!!
* sunday - hopefully the gold medal game.

i'm in the best mood ever!
i hope you are too;)

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  1. i love your blog name and header! so cute! :)


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