February 10, 2010

grade eleven crushes.

i totally love you guys!
hi blogettes,
i realize i can refer to my readers as girls, because i don't think there is one boy who reads my blog! (well, maybe pete sometimes but yeah)

i had a fun & productive day today.
i woke up and did some cleaning/packing/organizing...
then i headed to my high school to visit one of my favourite teachers of all time - she's honestly the greatest woman ever. i went into her grade 11 drama class and talked to them about my years on the improv team in school and all the working and travelling i have done.
it was soooooo cute & hilarious - there was like 20 boys and 4 girls in the class - and they were all telling me how i was sooo pretty and they were all trying to sit next to me, i was so embaressed and laughing so hard. they were so sweet though, they definitely made my day!
i went to the bank & got some american cash for my trip (good time to buy it!)
& then carly and i went to the gym, which was good ; i had an awesome workout.
headed to get some penis stuff for heather's bachelorette, hahahaha!
now i am relaxing with a baileys - getting ready for modern family @ 9:00

oooh, today i got such a cute package from SANDY! she's such a sweetie
check out her blog here
cutest everrrr <3

okay, so i have wanted one for a while, and a few people mentioned that i needed one too -
a BUTTON for my blog!
i want oneeeee :)
does anyone want to make something cuteee as can be for me?
or tell me how to do it?
i need to find the perfect photo & or saying!
i'll love you forever!
(i would either way..)

okay, must go now.
tomorrow = if i get my act together,
i will post photo's of my room on here!
i've wanted to do a virtual tour for a while & my room is nice and clean now i oughtta!

i think these cupcake/icecream cones are so adorable. i haven't made any yet but i think they'd be soooo cute! love em'


  1. i am REALLY sorry. my hearts day package for you and rosie is going to be late as i won't be mailing it until saturday (the day before!) i know, i know...i'm super sorry but i am so insanely broke right now but i get paid friday!!

  2. here is a button julie!

    and a nice saying which i found in a dutch magazine. http://i624.photobucket.com/albums/tt328/TamT85/Untitled-2.jpg

  3. Let me know when that button is up, you know i'll put it up!! :) :)

  4. i'm a boy, and i read! i followed you here when you left livejournal (i think i friended you through mario's journal, which he's since deleted!). i don't normally read it on this page though, i syndicated it to livejournal so that i can read all the blogs i follow on my friends page rather than having to navigate a bunch of different websites daily. the syndicated feed is herein case you want to advertise it to your readers.

    it's kind of interesting how these things work out, since i've been reading gala darling for quite a while, and have started to see a fair number of other journals and blogs that i read that have clearly been inspired by her.

    your lust for life tends to bring a smile to my face when i read your posts, and it doesn't hurt that you're pretty easy on the eyes, too. :p

  5. fiduch -
    i totally remember you! from the livejournal days!
    & i remember you told me about gala darling who i totally love, she's amazingggggg.

    thanks so much for reading, that makes me happy.

    & thanks for all your kind words. cutestttttt


  6. was i really the one that pointed you to gala darling? interesting! :p i'd forgotten that.

    and hey, as long as you don't mind having me around, appreciating your outgoing and positive attitude (and occasionally ogling your curves when you post pictures :p), i'll keep reading! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)