February 6, 2010

heart felt post.

hi my loves,
first off - thank you for all of your sweet comments on my previous post..
you guys are so cute.

so, although all my posts are happy & sunshiney, and filled with love, sparkles, cupcakes and rainbows - if you didn't already know this about me - i am a huge hockey fan.
i know it seems kinda weird since i am such a girly girl, but i am honestly so into hockey and i always have been. it's a big part of my life ; and of course coming from toronto, my team is the toronto maple leafs
and sure, they suck..pretty much every year, but i can't stop loving them.
back in november, a guy named Brendan Burke, the son of the leafs GM Brian Burke - came out of the closet in front of thousands of people nation wide. he himself was a hockey player, and for his whole life as a hockey player, witnessed so many other guys gay bashing in the dressing room, on the ice etc - he wrote an extremely inspiring article about dealing with the hardships of being a gay hockey player. it took a lot of courage for him to do what he did - and to have his dad (a classic tough hockey guy) go on national television and say he supported his son no matter what, and it didn't change a thing - was even more honourable.
this article was so amazing. having so many gay and lesbian friends, i loved seeing someone write something so powerful, proving that your sexual orientation does not define who you are.
i remember reading this and being so proud, even though i didn't even know brendan.
i posted it on my facebook in hopes that a few people would read it and maybe change the way they look at and judge gay people.

last night, brendan burke was killed in a car crash indiana,
he was only 21 years old.

it seems crazy that i felt so affected by this,
but hearing about anyone getting their life taken away is so hard..
it was horrible news to hear, and i just hope he knows that the article he wrote was so powerful and inspiring to many.

you can read the article brendan wrote, here

rest in peace brendan.


  1. oh I hate that it seems so senseless :(

  2. it's so sad to hear when a young person dies. it's like they weren't even given a chance, really. and it's just worse that he was such a great influence on many.

  3. how horrible! What a great inspirational person, thanks for sharing his story.


  4. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story...so tragic how it ended :(

  5. Such a hard time for this to happen to Brian Burke, especially when the Olympic hockey starts in ten days. Very, very heartbreaking.


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