February 4, 2010



i had a good day today, very low key but decent..
i went to the doctor's for a check up
& got some stuff for my trip at the drug store.
i also finished all of season 1 of glee ; more on my obsession later.
(but seriously i want more nowwww. i love it so much!)
i also did a hugeee clean of my washroom & bathtub/shower - it's so clean now!
spent more time today working on my little valentine's packages,
sorry i am taking so long girls, i am a bit behind after my trip to london.
now i am just relaxing, and cleaning up my room.
tomorrow ; going to mail packages, visiting grandma and grandpa, & then going to downtown on a date with my man, dinner & then seeing one of my oldest friends perform at second city, i am so excitedddd :)

i leave you with a couple cute little things i did last week,
clearly during my button obsession! 


  1. awww so cute julie! i looove buttons. well, who doesn't? i think my favourite is the panda frame! i have had button ideas for quite some time as i have quite the collection, i just never have tiiiiime! i am so envious of your free time right now as you are not working.

    also...i am SO behind on the valentines packages BUT i have promised myself to have them done and mailed by this weekend!! promise :)

  2. beautiful!!! I love the buttons! :)


  3. isn't the last scene so perfect? i had goosebumps!

  4. thank you girlies!! xooo

    & meagan - YES, i cried. hahaha i had goosebumps too, i can't wait for more episodes. i am jonesin'!

  5. Aww these are so unbelievably cute! i love buttons and what you have dont with them is so pretty! :) XOX


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