February 11, 2010

i must admit, it's pretty depressing that i am not even celebrating valentine's day this year.
not only will i be away for it, but i am not even seeing pete before i go and haven't seen him in a week. i didn't think i really even cared but i guess i do.
i know most people look at it as a commercial holiday, blah blah blah...
but i think valentine's day is actually really sweet.
insert pouty face here.

in other news - i realllllly want to this this movie;
valentine's day - it looks so cute!


  1. i want to go and see this movie with you!! i am seeeeriously needing a lot of julie time in my life; been too long!! i told mikey if he didn't come see this with me, i would go by myself, i want to see it so bad.

    also, i'm glad you got your teeny tiny letter from the worlds smallest post office, haha i saw it online and thought "who would really and truly appreciate this?" ...of course, julie ross!! i want to send a bunch more as they are oh soooo cute!! glad you liked it, i knew you would!!

  2. carlyyyyy.
    i actually decided that once i get home from mexico & once you're home for dominican - i am going to come visit you for a few days! i can even come during the week since i will be off. so we have to plan something once you get your schedule!

    & that is sooo funny, because i told pete today i might go see it alone, that is how bad i wanna see it! haha - but i am going to have to wait until i get home from mexico i think! it looks so cute.

    and yesss i loved my mini letter. cutest thing ever. i am going to have to send one to someone at some point!

    you're the BESSSSST.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)