February 5, 2010

it was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny...

fridayyyy, hi!
i am having a giant cup o' tea & listening to michael buble,
what a lovely & peaceful way to start the day.
i will do a hot as f#ck friday post later,
but first..
here is the bathing suit i ordered online for my trip!
i know my dear friend carly got one too! twins?
i am not a small girl, and i never have been so i feel most comfortable in a one piece,
and this one is totally 50's and polka dotted, aka perrrfect for me :)

bathing suit from here.


  1. very cute! i love the bathing suit--it's so pretty!

  2. you look wonderful, very very cute!!!

  3. cute!! i was looking at getting one of those for my trip too, glad to see it looks great on!

  4. You look like Kat Von D here - gorgeous! x

  5. SO perfect!! I love it! You have the best mouth lol is that weird? You do! I wish I could wear red lipstick!! You're a knockout!

  6. um, not small? who are you KIDDING girl...you look soooooo good! fuck. curvy babe is what you are!! i love it. i can't WAIT to wear mine!! mainly...i can't wait to get cute photos in it, wearing my floppy hat with my big sunnies on hahahaa im so lame but really...aren't you excited for that too???

  7. & ya, beck...she does have perfect lips. everyone tells her that so no, it's not weird. we're all jealooooous

  8. that bathing suit is adorable!! i love all of the vintage suits out now. I am dying to try one (even if it is a blizzard outside).

  9. Fun Fun Fun.. You look great! Love the bathing suit and the red lips! Oh la la. Hope you're having a good rest of your Sunday.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  10. you guys are the besssssssssssssst!


  11. This suit is amazing! I love it! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)