February 26, 2010

it's friday, la la la!

hi my cupcakes!
it's friday.
how are you today?
i'm doing wonderful. i've been in such a great mood this week.
had a great time downtown with fab & then sarah.
i lovvve my hair - photo's below!
today is also -
hot as f*$k friday;;
♥ drew doughty ♥
team canada's youngest hottie! he is honestly an incredible hockey player. one of the best and most consistent on the team for sure. he's only 20 but he's got the rough scruffy canadian hockey guy look, and i am SO into it.

i need to do some cleaning today,
do some errands...
& then we're getting our bridesmaid dresses,
doing dinner &
watching team canada. :)

what are your plans for the weekend?
& where have you all been?

ooh. here's my new hair;
well just the bangs that fab cut - & he straightened it for me all nice too.
it's SO longggggg. yessss!

haha amazing. these are a few of the cupcakes i made the other night for the canada vs. russia game! i had to do the fuck you ovy one, haha classic. & obvs sidney crosby is my bf. the cupcakes were good luck because canada kicked some serious ass.


  1. A few things:

    1. Not usually into hockey boys, but dayum Drew Daughty is fine. Good call!

    2. You look SO PRETTY! I am so jealous of your long-ass pretty hurr.

    3. "Fuck You Ovy" cupcake makes my life.

    4. You are righteously awesome. That is all!

  2. I love love love your bangs!! So pretty! You could be a model - seriously!!!

    Those cupcakes are fantastic! :)

  3. If you'd like to give me your hair, I won't object.

  4. my gosh...you are so freaking gorgeous. every single photo i see of you...you just get prettier and prettier. i'm not even kidding. and yes, a model...for sure.
    you're stunning.
    and it's funny that you have that hair cut because it's what i've been DREAMING of doing to my hair once my hair gets longer...that length would be perfect (it's SOOOO long. i'm SOOO jealous, ugh) but ya, those bangs...pin straight...perfection.

  5. lookin' good, smiley cupcake! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)