February 3, 2010

who missed me?

i love this so much, & marilyn is perfect.

hihihi ♥
i'm alive!
i've had a really busy couple of days, which explains my lack of blogging!
saturday night was the most fun out i've had in forever, me and a bunch of my girlfriends went out for one of my dear friend's bachelorette's! best night ever.
& then on sunday pete and i headed to london to visit his cousins & their 2 kids. we had so much fun with them - they're the sweetest people ever.
i was sad to leave! :(
last night we caught the end of the leaf game (they made some big trades!)
& we watched i love you, man - such an awesome movie!
now me and my boy are watching the score, but i am going to try & convince him to watch some glee with me, hehehe!
oh &&&
i have 84 followers! i am so excited. only 16 away from 100 - & then i will be doing my first ever giveaway!!! ; i have a to do list at the side of my blog there, for the time i am off work...i will be crossing things off one by one! :)
i am going to do another post later today/tonight
did i mention how glad i am that it's february?
i got the martha cupcake book, and there are so many yummy recipes inside!

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