March 22, 2010


i'm so glad monday is over.
it was SO busy at work today, whoaaaa.
so this session at work i am trying really really hard to save $$$,
because i want to move to toronto & get a cute apartment.
& someday i want to have a place that looks like any of these adorable rooms -
here are some total home inspirations ;;

all images from google and we heart it


  1. those are seriously cutest rooms ever :D


  2. oh man, i love all of those colorful homes. so pretty.

  3. oo wow, these really are some good inspirations. I was picking out favourites but then I kept rolling down and found more and now I can't choose. I love the row of coloured houses, thats pretty cool.

    Love the blog :)

  4. i can't wait til mikey and i own our own place. he's already said that i can paint a room/wall/maybe bathroom pink and that i can have a hello kitty bathroom; eeeek!! i know :) some days i kind of wish i had of lived with gfs in a place first (before 'settling down') so i could have a completely girly place with them and make it as pink and pretty as possible. haha, not that mikey minds...our place seems to be getting more and more girly but i think you know what i mean.

  5. Love ALL of this!! I wanna live in one of those rainbow colored houses! Doubt my husband would like that very much though... ;)

  6. I love them all and all the teal! Oh teal I love you!

  7. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with all the pretty pictures! So yay! I am your 100th follower!

  8. cutest rooms and houses ever!

  9. yessss i am glad everyone agrees!
    we can all dream right!!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)