March 31, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the yearrr

cupcakes everywhere!
oooh it's that season again! (i know right, i think every season it cupcake season..) but spring time is such a when i get the most orders (haha it's only my second spring doing this.) with easter, and birthday's and mother's day and shower's of all sorts approaching - so are my cupcake sales - which makes me so excited - especially because most people that order from me just let me get creative with a few requests! these cuppy's in the above photo were for an order from last friday. today i baked tons of cupcakes for the easter united way bake sale at work.
i've got an order of a dozen on friday, 2 dozen next saturday - and someone just ordered 35 for me for the first weekend in may - not to mentionnnnn i just confirmed a wedding for september! this is so exciting. just proves that you can do whatever you want, as long as you put your mind to it! when i thought of doing this on the side, i didn't really know if it would amount to anything, but even just making it this far makes me smile! :)

oooh & i found another job i want so f-ing bad. way more than the last one - actually pete's dad sent it to me, which is so sweet.. but yeah i want this so bad, it's so perfect for me! i can do this, right?! yeeeee. i am going to rub my buddha and elephant from thailand for good luck (haha, i am such a geek, i do that all the time - i swear it works!)

happy wednesday lovie's!
ps - tomorrow is basically friday hooray!


  1. They look delicious! :) SO what kind of job is it?

  2. Tell us more about the job!
    Those cupcakies are so freakin sweet!

  3. i entered a cupcake googies giveaway that reminded me of you! i was going to let you know about it, but then i read she'll only ship to the us. :( but i don't mind forwarding some goodies to you! :)

  4. I want to hear about these jobs you're applying for!
    PS. I'm not on your blog list anymore. :(

  5. thanks girlies!

    rosie posie - you are the sweetest girl ever, thank you for even thinking of me!! :) xoxo

    jenny! - sorry love, i took it off because it was the link to your old blog, and i was planning on adding your new button & i finally did! the jobs are just receptionists jobs in toronto! nothing too exciting, but just what i am looking for, for now!:)


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