March 17, 2010

oh, hi there!

happy st.patty's day! :)
♥ !
hope everyone had a fun & green day today.
i worked, and wish i had cute plans for tonight, but i work at 6am tomorrow - no thanks!
i wore a cute green outfit though, so it's all good.
yesterday was good.
back to work, & i was so stoked about that.
everyone was so nice & glad to see me so that mad me happy.
i helped this really cute old man and he told me i was pretty and gave me a lollipop!

i am going to keep it at my desk as a reminder that people are still sweet.
also - the man who comes in and fills up our vending machines, walked by and gave me a bag of mini eggs! it was sooooo cute. it made my day. the littlest things make me smile.

glad to be back at work, & i'm excited about a few upcoming things ;;
♥ spring!
♥ seeing my boy this weekend:) (it's been 2 weeks, ugh)
♥ meeting pete's friends at a wedding shower on sunday
♥ going with richie to visit the sweetest girl ever, carly
♥ easter weekend
♥ this weather!!!

awww, how festive. saw these on cupcakes take the cake - adorable!

ps ; check out my blog button! :)
i'm so excited.


  1. those cupcakes look so yummy!

    totally grabbed your button.

  2. I love mini eggs yummo! Have St. Patricks Day to you!

    Great cupcake


  3. Love those irish cupcakes!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!


  4. When are you coming?! I agree, we must meet!!! :D
    PS. I'm gonna add your button once I revamp my bloggy. <3

  5. YAY!!!! coming to visit me me me ♥
    (that was my favourite thing about this post) other favourites however, include:
    cute old men
    the colour green
    you being happy

    can't wait to see YOU!!!! 1 week :)

  6. Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! lol I love your blog button is so precious! I'll put it up on my blog now!! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)