March 1, 2010

olympic GOLD!

it's our game!
words cannot explain how happy i am feeling right now!
yesterday - february 28th, 2010...
CANADA won gold in men's hockey @ the olympics.
& i can't think of any other country that would celebrate & cheer like canada did!

if you read my blog normally, you know how much i love hockey - and how it's always been a really big part of my life. one of the many reasons i love being canadian!
last sunday, when canada lost to the USA, i (like many canadians) was scared. worried that the millions and millions of canadians, not to mention the players, would be let down by what was to come. but after that loss we bounced back...better than ever!
up first - it was germany - win!
& then RUSSIA - hugeee win!
and the last team we had to beat.... the czech's - win!
we worked so hard to get to the gold medal game.
after leading 2-0 for most of the game, usa eventually tied it up with under a minute to go. 
my heart was beating so fast, i could have cried.
we were going into sudden death over time. who ever scored first was the gold medal winner..
we were all on the edge of our seats, hearts beating as fast as ever -
& then ... about 8 minutes into O.T
sidney crosby scores the game winner!
(my favourite player of all time, by the way)
the celebration in my house warmed my heart.
the entire country was a party! looking at the streets around this country, was just perfect
i apologize for talking about the olympics & hockey so much the past few weeks but..
it's something i'm very passionate about.
i've always loved the olympics, but these ones have really made an impact on my life.
having them in canada was so incredible. seeing canadians everywhere dressed head to toe in red & white and canada gear has been so wonderful.
i love seeing olympic mittens on people of all ages and races.
the love & support that all canadians showed will be something i'll never forget.
i am so proud to be canadian
& yesterday was the best way to end the olympics!
GOLD medal in hockey
& canada broke the record for the MOST GOLD MEDALS ever, in winter olympic history.
14 golds!
so there it is,
just a little bit of the patriotism i've been feeling the last 17 days & always will.
i'm literally glowing
(a lady at the grocery store told me that today when we talked about last nights game)

i loved everything about the olympics,
so many perfect moments that i will never forget.
the closing ceremonies were so awesome!

i will never ever forget that moment yesterday!
life is good.

what better a cupcake today? than a classic canadian  poutine cupcake!


  1. Your crazy!! hahaha that's why I love have a friend like you. To I live to far away.

    Canada deserved to win. Go Canada Go....

  2. I thought of you watching the closing! I love your Go Canada spirit! It's completely awesome!

  3. @tammy - hahaha, you know me tammy...they didn't call me "the crazy canadian" for nothin!

    @becky - awwww, that is actually so sweet. you're a doll ;)

  4. unfortunately i was too busy to watch most of the olympics, but i did manage to catch the last half of the game, and man was it intense! i got pretty nervous when the u.s. scored with like 24 seconds left to go, but that goal in overtime was a great way to end the game. totally epic!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)