March 14, 2010

post secret.

my own little post secret
last year around valentine's day, i sent in a post secret.
i had always wanted to do it, so i figured might as well -
it never made it on to the website, but i just came across it.
actualllllly, i don't think pete has even seen this.
i'm such a geek!
perhaps i will send another one soon :)
so glad i can now say,
iloveyou, pete


  1. if he read postsecret and they DID post it, he would know! haha, but i guess with your writing and cutesy'ness, you weren't really trying to hide it? hahaha.

  2. hahaha he would never check it unless i told him to, and i wanted him to know it was me, if they ever did post it! hehehe:)


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