March 12, 2010


oh, chuck
i need that shirt.
& oh myyyy god;
has anyone been watching GG this season? i missed so many episodes when i was in thailand that i decided instead of watching after missing a bunch i would just wait until the season is over and watch it on dvd. is it still amazing? the first few episodes of this season didn't impress me that much. i hope they got better!


  1. Where is that shirt from??!!!! I neeeeddddd it!

  2. yeah, i'm with shani, where's it from???? too cool!
    yeah, i've watched all the episodes... sadly it's gotten pretty lame... they can't come up with anything more scandalous than a returning mother and some drug dealing at an embassy dinner:/ oh well, hopefully it'll get better soon :)

  3. girls, i don't know where it's from :( - i found it on weheartit, obvs!

    and ughhhh effie, i knewww it! i hate when that happens. i hope they redeem themselves next season!


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