March 28, 2010

recovery mode.

i had a great weekend!
it was so fun seeing carly & mikey. they rule..
although i feel like a total sloth right now.
just got out of the bath, now i am doing a bit of cleaning & such.
tomorrow morning i have an in car driving lesson at 9am (ugh, on my day off!)
but after that, i will do some laundry & a bit of cleaning and then i am heading downtown to meet up with my boy. ugh, i miss him so much lately. we haven't got to see eachother as much as i'd like. but we've got a fun day planned! meeting up and going shopping on queen west and then going to kensington market, finding a cute place to eat & then perhaps catching a movie.
i am going to use my american apparel gift card that i've been saving since christmas & i want a cute pair of moccasins, that's my mission!
i'm also going to be in search of cute stuff for my giveaway!
i'm going to go read my book now.
hope you all had a wonderful weekend

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  1. if you find any pale pink minnetonka moccasins, let me know what store!! i am in search...


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