March 27, 2010

saturday rules.

Check Spellingtoday is going to be a good day!
these are serious words to live by, don't you think?
found here

yesterday was my day of unfortunate events,
i don't know what it was, but it just wasn't my day.
work was good, kinda slow but fridayyyyy so that was good.
i had a cupcake order of a dozen & they turned out super cute!:)
also - i didn't mention yet that i joined the dragon boat team at work!!!
i am SO excited, there's so many fun people on the team, and we have 4 training sessions and then we'll have 4 races in the first weekend in june. i think it will be amazing!:)
i finally finishing revamping my resume & i applied to one job the other night that look so good. i am going to apply to a few more early next week.
while thinking about moving downtown/finding a new job i realized how sad i will be to leave my current job. i honestly work with such an incredible group of people. i NEVER dread going to work. the people that come into my work are the nicest people alive. there's not a day that goes by that i don't meet a new person, or get some sweet compliment from someone who comes in all the time. they honestly make my day everyday.
i will miss everyone so much when i go.

last night me & my bff went to the movies! (we LOVE the movies)
we saw she's out of my league because we were in the mood for a funny one, and it was actually SO funny, i was laughing the entire time. perfect!
then i came home & had a vision - for my costume for tonight. stoked!

today i am going to take my time to shower & get ready, pack up my bag & then me and my awesome pal richie are heading up to peterborough to visit carly!!!
i am so excited!
carly rules! & haven't seen her in forever!

OH & i am sorry for not commenting lately guys,
i have been so busy. but i have a few days off next week so i will be reading all of your blogs!
i'm also pumped to use my new camera tonight,
i will post cute photo's soon.
happy saturday!

how perfect is this pretty little pastel spring cupcake?! i love it ! adorable.


  1. me! me! me! you're coming to visit me! i'm oh-so excited, haha...we're both such nerds but seriously, the last time we had a full day/sleepover/full next day together was like...when i came to visit you when you were in toronto. that was years ago...i mean, we've obviously hungout since (haha, duh!) but not for that long period of time...YAY!! i'm excited to hear about your costume too

    see you soon
    (i love saying that when it's actually true)

  2. Have fun visiting Carly! That is so exciting that you joined a Dragon Boat team!

    It's good to hear that "She's out of my League" was actually funny, it looked hilarious in the previews but then sometimes those movies are the ones where they showed all the funny parts in the previews - hate that!

    Love the quote, hope you have a great rest of the weekend!


  3. Have fun with Carly tonight! I wish I could see you lovely girls... I'm defs in bed with the worst cold of life!
    PS. What kind of jobs are you applying to? I'm working on moving to Toronto right now too. Big girl time!

  4. have fun in peterborough!
    i have to admit i love when i stumble on a new blog from someone canadian :)
    (i am too, moving back to toronto in sept, i think) good luck with the job hunting - that's my least favourite thing in the world.
    hope you have a great sunday :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)