March 2, 2010

so in love with this place.

it's tuesday, so it's time for -
a photo that makes me smile;;
this photo was taken a few years ago when i was living out west in banff. i had some of the greatest times of my life out there. i met so many incredible people, and i fell in love with that place beyond belief. i signed up for an outting with my co-workers, after working the graveyard shift. i worked all night and then left right after. i was so tired, but it was so worth it.
it's so perfect it doesn't seem real.
things like this make me realize how beautiful the world really is, after that trip peyto lake became one of my favourite sites i've ever seen.
i will never forget the beauty that i saw there.


  1. julie - i LOVE your tuesday photos!!!! they are so much fun...and banff is such a lovely place.

  2. Wow, how beautiful!! It doesnt even look real!! Lucky you :) Like your new background too! :) Where's the button?! ;)


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