March 8, 2010

a sunshiney monday.


happy monday sweethearts!♥
i had a wonderrrrrrful weekend :)
friday night was a splendid night with my man, we made the best pizza ever. & i absolutely loved where the wild things are. it was everything i wanted it to be - i want to buy it & the soundtrack too. it made me cry so much, it was adorable.
saturday i was busy baking away - a bunch of people came over for carly's birthday & i had so much fun. i love my friends so much, we have so much fun together. we played the drinking game "slaps" & then our classic cruiseship game "what's the name of that f*cking game?"
i loved it! so many laughs.
sunday was a nice relaxing day - snuggled with pete, while being very hungover, and watched "the hangover". went for a little walk, & then headed downtown to jordan's oscar party. had a blast with those crazy kids too.

it's another gorgeous day out!
i am loving this sunshine.
i hope it's lasts.
i just want to put my tutu on & paint the world in pastel colours!
today i am going to walk to h&r block to get my taxes done, it's about a 45-an hour long walk but it's so nice out, i just want to get outside!

i hope the sun is shining wherever you are♥
some spring time inspiration ;;

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  1. That's too funny - I was hungover on Sunday & made a point of buying "The Hangover" on DVD and proceeded to watch it. It cured me... almost. Haha!

    Also, "Where The Wild Things Are" is an amazing movie!!

  2. the sun is shining (or was earlier) but i wish julie was here!!

  3. @jamie - awwww you're sweet!

    @kari - hahaha, yesss i hope it worked. it did for us! & yes, where the wild things are = so amazing

    @carly - ugh, fml. i wanna see you soon.


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