March 11, 2010

thursday. is good.

i loved today:)
today was amazing.

♥ i had my first in car driving lesson, and i did so well. i am so proud of myself, i've been so scared for so long, and i was so nervous. but it actually went awesome! my instructor is so good and i feel so much better after only one lesson.
i am going to pick up one of these when i get my license,
aw yeah right. i frigging wish!
cutest car ever;;
♥ hungout with peter, gabby and vanessa. lots of smiles and giggles and sunshine! bought some super cute nail polish - this one to be exact;

now i am relaxing for a few minutes before going to driving school
have a good night!


  1. Congrats on your first lesson! You'll be queen of the road in no time! That car cracks me up! I would just want to say "beep beep" as I drove around in it.

    Love that nailpolish too!


  2. ooh what is that nail polish colour called? i was at shoppers last night but they just had the same old ones i already have ... that colour is so pretty!

  3. Eek, driving school :/ Good luck to you!!! ;)

  4. @cat - thanks hun! and yesss i agree with the beep beep thing, hehe:)

    @megs! - heyyy lady. it's called "minted" - i got it at pharma plus!:) it's soooo cute, i love it.

    @jamie - thanks pretty lady!

  5. so glad i stumbled on over here. that cupcake header is SWEET and looks delicious. and i adore that nailcolor! happy friday :)


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