April 19, 2010


monday, blah!
today is special because ...
it's my 400th post!
so in honour of that, i am having a fun post of some of my favourite things :)
don't forget to enter my giveaway! i pick the winner tomorrow night! (right before GLEE!)

tea, teapots, teacups;
new york!! ;
stand by me ;
san francisco (& full house!);

hockeyyyy! &this moment. best ever;
the band that changed my life, the beatles;
anything bright, fun and funky;
being in love, this movie, & these actors;
this movie, and the jetsons in general;
sidney crosby (!!!!!) ;
panda bears:) ;
SNL! (i love fred,kristen & seth) and this sketch, omg!;
minnie and mickey mouse!;
drake! (amazing!);
balloons, esp disney ones;
popsicle (my boyfriend);
everything to do with this movie;
plain cheese pizza, like kevin;
this incredible country;
cupcakes! (duh! & crumbs bake shop!)
hooray, 400!

ps - giveawayyyy! enter it,
you have about 24 hours left :)


  1. Love your loves... I'm a big fan of tea, teapots and teacups, cheese pizza and this great country of ours as well, where is the Crumbs Bake Shop? is it in Toronto??? xx

  2. congrats on 400 posts. i gotta check to see what i'm at...i never really notice!! these are all such fun things, i love most of them too :)
    ps: i watched SNL the other night and saw kristen wiig who you said looked like shelby right? i kiiiinda see it, haha

  3. oo I love this post! Such lovely things!! We have so much in common too!!

  4. hey laurie anne! yessss, good choices. no, crumbs is in new york! i love it there, voted best cupcakes in nyc! perfect!

    hahah yesss carly, amazing. haha yeah i don't know what your friend shelby looks like, when not in costume, but she reminded me of her!

    jacque, yes i can see that! we both love everything cute & fun

  5. I love ALL of these things. And I always get a plain cheese pizza.. just like Kevin McAlistar. haha.


  6. Your favourite things are such a reflection of your cuteness!

  7. that picture has me craving cheese pizza now... and i don't even usually get plain cheese pizza!

    and i recall smiling a lot and really identifying with bill during that "freaks and geeks" scene. :)


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