April 30, 2010

fffffriday night.

hi loves,
first off ...
thanks for all the comments on my post about getting my licence!
i know it seems silly, but it was such a HUGE deal for me & i couldn't be happier.
you're all so sweet for your comments :)
my accomplishment of the week for sure -
another one is that i went to the gym 5 days in a row! it's becoming so routine for me and i am loving it. i survived my first week of weight watchers too!
tomorrow my day will be spent working on a cupcake order, and then tomorrow night i am going to a breast cancer fundrasier/dance with the ringette family! stoked.
i am going to try to something pretty & pink to wear.
sunday = first aid & cpr re-cert..how exciting!
next week will busy, i have some things to do to get all ready for pete's birthday, which is next thursday! got lots of fun gifts and surprises planned of course:) yay!

oh & check out my formspringgg!

happy hot as f*ck friday everyone!
today i am featuring 2 hotties..
i watched zombieland again last night (which is awesome by the way!)
& i have a new girl crush - emma stone :) she's so pretty and very natural

& jesse eisenberg is so cute and dorky, my fave type of guy!;

i friggin' wish!!! hehehe, i thought this was quite cute


  1. i love them in zombieland!! she's hott and he's cute. it's perfect. also, congrats on working out. i've done a workout tape 3 days in a row and its kind of a big deal haha :]

  2. I just found your blog soo cute! I love making cupcakes and I love your blog. Now following.........:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)