April 30, 2010

how much is too much when it comes to blogging?
i mean, are there things that just shouldn't be blogged about? i am having a day where i'm thinking maybe i don't want so much of my life exposed to anyone who stumbles across this blog. of course there are things that i leave out, lots of things.. but i am having a day where i feel like the idea of just anyone reading about my life creeps me out.  does anyone else ever think of this or am i just being silly?

also, 2 things ;;

i am trying to get into twitter! follow me & i will follow you!

& i finally got a formspring, please ask awayyyy!


  1. I totally get ya! I don't blog about A LOT of things I do. It is kinda creepy when you think about it...and we put pictures of ourselves on here...that creeps me out too sometimes!

    I'm adding you on twitter, I'm afcat84 :)


  2. I totally have these days. Alot. I leave a ton out (my kids pictures, his full name, our last name, etc.) But I am a bit paranoid...I don't think your crazy, it's normal :)

  3. i totally feel the same way! the other day i wrote a super personal post and then deleted it, cause i was like if the people who 'follow' my blog read it, i wouldn't care but what if i have a secret reader out there (it is public) and what if i wouldn't want them reading that?? it's a strange thing. i feel the same way.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)