April 18, 2010

a lovely sunday :)

hey sweetheart's!
whoa, first off -
HELLO to my new followers & thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway.
if you haven't yet, check it out, you have two more days!
i am picking the winner on tuesday nighttttt :) yeyeye

i've had a busy couple of days (alwayyys!)
i worked 'till 4:30 on saturday & then took the train downtown, met up with my friend sarah for a few hours, went for dinner, i got strawberry beer, mmmm :) - then i headed to fab's place for some pre-drinks & then we headed to buddies, a gay bar downtown for fab's birthday!
we had so much fun, dancing the night away! justin bieber was on! & so many other fun loving songs. i danced with so many of my amazing fags and then met a few more sweethearts while i was there. i love gay guys, because they are constantly making people feel good about themselves. i had atleast 2 guys come up to me and say something along the lines of "omg you're sooo pretty" blahblah, and i'm like frig, you guys make my life!
i can't wait for PRIDE this year:)

this morning sarah and i went for brunch downtown, it was beautiful out:) hot & sunny
we got pancakes with fruit for $5.99 :) perfect
& then got a tea and sat on a patio for a bit..
now i am home and watching romy and michelle's high school reunion - love it:)
here is my new teacup & saucer from ikea, cuteee eh?

i saw this in the washroom at the bar last night! words to live by!
dancing with bbboy
me & the birthday boy - loveeee him!
we love eachother
our delicious breakfast!
tea time!

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  1. so cute!! i miss peter & fab

    also that teacup is from ikea? i bought one that looks just like it from value village last time i was there...it doesn't say ikea on it though?? hmm, weird if it's the same one! lol. sounds like you had a lovely weekend, as per usual!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)